Unicorn Hunter – Live Resin Vape Pen


The Unicorn Hunter Certified brand has become synonymous with quality in the cannabis industry, offering customers true vape pen gems and we’re honoured to be able to carry them in our store.

Unicorn Hunter Certified uses only top-shelf extracts for their product and maintains the THC percentage around 93-98% or higher. This is an impressive number that speaks to the high quality of its manufacturing process and ingredients used.

This THC vape pen is as clean and pure as it possibly gets.

With 1.3 full grams of premium live resin, the high from this product is intense. It can be overwhelming if you have little experience with THC or cannabis in general. That said, its effects are long-lasting and provide a pleasant buzz that reduces stress and anxiety while also making it easier to sleep.

Unicorn Hunter’s automatic cartridge batteries are easily rechargeable with a micro-USB charging cable (not included).

Remember that what works for others may not work for you. Educating yourself and performing cautious testing will aid in your exploration. The indicated THC and CBD ranges are based on estimates provided by the producer. Cannabis is an agricultural product, and crop yields and batches can vary.


Chem Dawg, Death Bubba, Pink Kush, Purple Kush, Zkittles

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Unicorn Hunter – Live Resin Vape Pen