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Pine Tar Kush AAAA



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Pine Tar Kush AAAA


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Pine Tar Kush was named after its’ pungent, earthy scent and resinous, almost tar-soaked buds. As a landrace strain, Pine Tar Kush possesses a higher than average THC level that ranges from 18 to 30%, a genetic trait most likely developed as a defence mechanism against the harsh climate of the Pakistani mountain ranges.

The high of Pine Tar is surprisingly euphoric as a strain, giving users an uplifting mood boost. This variety’s real Indica-Esque effects are where it shines, with the initial wave of euphoria transitioning into a relaxing and sedating couch-lock type of body high.

This heavyweight is best used late at night and is great for people who suffer from insomnia, lack of appetite, stress, or aches and pains. Pine Tar Kush has established a reputation for its’ earthy pine, gas-like and hay-like tastes that are evocative of some of Pakistan’s finest hashish.


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