ONGROK – 4 Piece EZ Grinder


Deepest chambers of any 4-piece grinder on the market + perfect grinds every time.

Our ONGROK v2.0 version of our popular grinder is crafted from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, and comes apart into four pieces. This allows you to conveniently store your weed, either fresh or ground.

Unique safety features such as easy open and quarter-turn locking functions and a neodymium magnetic lid, keep contents accessible and safe.


ONGROK’s diamond-shaped blade is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for clean-cutting through the cannabis with ease. The sharp blades are designed to quickly shred your weed.


The ONGROK 4 Piece Grinder uses a quarter-turn locking function, so it’s easy to open and access your cannabis.

Don’t worry about the main compartment of your metal grinder getting stuck.

This large, handheld grinder contains a removable screen for easy cleaning. To remove the screen, just lift the handle and turn counter-clockwise.

Use the catch chamber as a storage area while on the move!

For a simple medium to fine grind every time, this heavy-duty grinder is ideal.

Deeper Chambers on all four pieces allows this grinder to double as herb storage.

The bottom piece is interchangeable with ONGROK storage pucks

Bonus brush & guitar pick scoop


Black, Gold, Gun Metal, Rose Gold

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ONGROK – 4 Piece EZ Grinder