MOTA – CBD Tincture


1000 Tincture – 33.3mg per ml
450 Tincture – 15mg per ml


The worldwide research focuses on non-psychoactive CBD or cannabidiol overturning all cannabis stereotypes. CBD is one of 85 active molecules in cannabis that interact with the human body’s internal receptors but produces no ‘high’ associated with other cannabinoids. Researchers are actively exploring its impact on a growing list of physiological conditions and the potential health effects have led some advocates to call CBD “Vitamin CBD”.

Supplement Facts:
Doses: 30
Dose Size: 1 ml
Amount per serving: Cannabidiol (CBD) 15 mg per dropper of 450mg tincture/33.3mg per dropper of 1000mg tincture

Suggested Use: Shake well. Ingest orally one full dropper (1 ml) per day

Used to treat: Pain | Inflammation | Arthritis | Nerve Pain | Muscle Spasms | Insomnia | Epilepsy


1000 mg, 450 mg

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