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Buzzed Extracts - Shatter
Buzzed Extracts – Shatter



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Buzzed Extracts – Shatter


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Shatter gets its name from its glass-like properties. Being fragile, brittle, translucent, and resembling a piece of glass, Shatter is a potent cannabis concentrate. This product is available in several different sizes and is guaranteed to have a THC level of 75-90%.

Buzzed Extracts Shatter will give you the ultimate high and allow you to experience the most beautiful effects that it has to offer. Created with careful precision and skill, Buzzed Extracts follows the highest standards and carefully crafts this product with the cannabis user in mind.

Buzzed Extracts does not use any fillers of any kind, and our products are free from any unnecessary chemicals. Committed to its craft, Buzzed Extracts creates quality products, like Shatter, at prices that you can afford.

You can find various deals available depending on your desired size. Lab-tested and made with state-of-the-art technology, Buzzed Extracts always carries a large number of strains for you to try.

Get lost in the cannabis world, and try something new with this beautiful, amber, glassy cannabis concentrate today. Get your bulk Shatter orders in today! Remember to dose smart, and always stay safe.


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