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Buzzed Extracts – Diamond Caviar



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Buzzed Extracts – Diamond Caviar


Buzzed Extracts HCFSE diamonds and HTFSE Terp Sauce have come together! New, Buzzed Extracts Diamond Caviar is sure to knock out the most experienced dabber.  Watch out, this will be a customer favourite right away.

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This full-spectrum cannabis concentrate is loaded with cannabinoid content which is highlighted with the consistency in each dosage. With HCFSE diamonds, a little goes a long way, absolutely ridiculous levels of potency and all-round quality. The HTFSE Terp sauce gives outstanding flavour – rich notes and a full-bodied taste. This Caviar hits hard and will wow you! Plus these aren’t just produced to rival any product for potency and purity, they also do not contain:

  •         Vitamin E
  •         MCT
  •         Propylene Glycol,
  •         Polyethylene Glycol or any other fillers.

Unlike most products that litter the market today, Buzzed Extracts FSE Caviar is fully lab tested.

Description: 1g Child-proof Glass jars with childproof lid for security

Instructions: Caviar need to be combusted or vaped for psychoactive properties. Try enjoying slowly and ensure to always keep out of sunlight.


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