Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck (also known as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck, or Matanuska Tundra) is a legendary sativa-dominant variety from Alaska’s Matanuska Valley.

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It was supposedly created in Northern California in the 1970s by crossing a Russian ruderalis with a Northern California sativa. However, sometime in the late 1970s, it was crossed with Afghani genetics to create a more robust strain.

The buds are frequently large, wonderfully frosted, and have extremely powerful scents of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk.

It is known for having a soothing yet powerful euphoric high and is also said to have a “creepy” effect as well as a significant hunger increase.

Remember that what works for others may not work for you. Educating yourself and performing cautious testing will aid in your exploration. The indicated THC and CBD ranges are based on estimates provided by the producer. Cannabis is an agricultural product, and crop yields and batches can vary.


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