Does Cannabis Go Bad?

If cannabis is adequately stored and dried, it will NOT go bad.

It can go bad if it isn’t stored correctly, either becoming too dry (and losing its potency and flavour) or mouldy (which makes it hazardous to your respiratory system because of the mould spores).

How should cannabis be dried and kept?

Cannabis, in some respects, is comparable to dried kitchen herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, and such.

After the flowers have been picked, they are dried. — this is done by putting the buds in a dark, temperature- and humidity-controlled location.

After that, the buds should be put in an air-sealed jar and subjected to curing.

During the curing process, the moisture content is reduced to 62 percent, and sugars in the buds are broken down, resulting in a greater flavour and potency.

When you buy flowers from reputable growers, you can be confident that all buds are completely dried and cured. We inspect all of our buds for quality.

What makes cannabis go bad?

Mould is the worst enemy of cannabis buds.

Marijuana that has been dried, cured, and stored with too much moisture inside it can become mouldy and unsmokable.

By closely inspecting the bud with a magnifying glass, you can immediately identify mouldy marijuana: Mold appears like a thick grayish cobweb.

Grab a black light and check the bud for mould. Mould will show up in a distinct green colour.

If you’re thinking about smoking mouldy marijuana, my advice is to avoid it at all costs.

When you breathe mould, you inhale thousands of poisonous spores, which can harm your respiratory system.

What can I do if my cannabis has spoiled?

If you’re buying from a trustworthy seller, you may rest confident that each item has been dried, cured, and kept to medical standards.

If you’re purchasing marijuana from someplace new, however, be sure it’s high quality.

To tell the difference between high- and low-quality marijuana, you’ll need hands-on expertise. The most important thing is to answer the following questions:

  1. Are there any seeds inside? If there are, it’s likely a low-quality bud that hasn’t received enough care throughout its development.
  2. Is it sprinkled with sugar-like crystals? If not, the plant hasn’t developed trichomes, the parts of the plant where all cannabinoids are produced (THC and CBD).
  3. Is the bud sticky? If so, you’ve got yourself a potent flower. The oils within the trichomes give cannabis its stickiness. This might also indicate how “fresh” your bud is.
  4. Have you noticed any mouldy sections? Mould makes marijuana unsmokeable and might produce unpleasant health issues such as nausea and persistent coughing.
  5. Is the bud crumbling to pieces? This is a possible sign that your cannabis needs moisture. When the weed is dried out, it burns quickly and loses its beneficial compounds.

There are a variety of methods to determine whether your marijuana is suitable for smoking, but the most reliable method is to follow these steps:

  1. Buy your weed from a reputable seller like 420.RS.
  2. Keep it in a sealed mason jar at home.
  3. Add an ONGROK 62% humidity pack to each jar.

By doing so, you will constantly be consuming high-grade, fresh products with a perfectly balanced taste and potency.

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