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God\’s Green Crack is a fairly uncommon Indica dominant hybrid strain (55% Indica / 45% Sativa) that was produced through crossing the legendary God\’s Gift X Green Crack strains.

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This strain is ideal for leisure days when you want a little energy to get up and go, but you also want to sit back and relax.

You\’ll experience a little boost at the beginning of the high, which will tingle your scalp in the back of your head and spread throughout your mind with a sense of focused energy. Your physical body will succumb to the same tingly sensations shortly after, leaving you completely calm in both mind and body.

God\’s Green Crack is a medical cannabis strain that has several qualities, including its high 22-25% average THC level and the fact that it was designed to treat illnesses such as chronic tiredness, sadness, ADHD or ADD, migraines, and nausea or loss of appetite.

The fluffy forest green spade-shaped nuggets have purple leaves, bright orange hairs, and a sheen of tiny amber crystal trichomes on this bud.

As you shatter each tiny nugget, delicate aromas of tangy fruits and succulent mango will tickle your nose. The fragrance is quite comparable, although the nugs have a warming earthy nuance as they are smoked.

Remember that what works for others may not work for you. Educating yourself and performing cautious testing will aid in your exploration. The indicated THC and CBD ranges are based on estimates provided by the producer. Cannabis is an agricultural product, and crop yields and batches can vary.


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